Well, a bit about little old me:

name: Stellata
birthday: 18th March
location: England, though originally from New Zealand
hobbies: reading, writing stories and poetry, pixeling, drawing and art, drama, dancing, singing, music, blah, blah, anythig creative and arty is for me :)
loves: FRUIT! doing anything of the above^^ lying lazily infront of the heater or fire, my friends and family, chocolate...
hates: stupid unitnelligent people, people who dont know when to stop, people who just wont SHUT UP, mushrooms, fish, being sick
school: hate maths, love english and art, graphics, drama etc.
random: I can speak German (and English), I have lots of boofy curly hair, I have lived in 6 different countries, 19 different houses and am currently in my 14th school.