Well, I started dolling two ages ago... had a two year break and am now diving headfirst back in again. So... there's not that much to see here yet...arranged newest to oldest:

New dolls

Another contest entry, for Blues palette contest...I wanted to try out using patterns. I really hate her hair with a passion but cant be bothered changing it, Ive spend too long staring at this...I liked it at first but now its just horrible. I deffinitely prefer smaller scale dolls! Base

My first entry into a goddess pageant competition. I chose to do Amphitrite, goddess of the sea. I love this doll very much! full base and Portrait base (cropped alot though)

For Blue's hero contest :) I quite like these dolls, especially the work on the folds. I struggled with the outfits because my brain rejected all the typical mini-skirt high-heeled girl heroes. So she is attired in a more practical fashion :) I absolutely love this base!

Made for a contest. I cant decide weather or not I like it. I tried out a different kinda shading technique... and the colours are pretty random. So yeah. Base

!non adoptable! A gift for charli for sponsoring me on ee :) I adore the hat on this doll. The rest of it Im not too happy with though I worked on this for ages. I officially hate straight hair. Base

Done for a pallette contest! This was a challenging palette and shading was difficult, especially the blue. But I quite like the outcome! So colourful! Shes pretty random..I just dolled whatever came into my head...She received an honorable mention: ) Base

!non adoptable! for a request at EE. Well, again two dolls almost the same. Cant decide if I like the headband or not! Supposed to be a 20's look :) I love the hair- it was hard and took ages but was worth the result I think :) Base

well three dolls all the same! I started with the blonde palette but wanted it more reddy- but I sill liked the first version so what the hey, Ill stick it up :) For a contest... inspired by Mree. Base

!not adoptable! A thank you gift to Blue for hosting me :) I kept changing things so it took me ages but overall I am pretty pleased with the outcome.. even though she has no hair o_0 For some strange reason, it got nominated for EE's DOTM lol. base

for Blues palette contest. I do like it even though its nothing special...but Im still getting back into it all :) Base

A portrait for MeganClares contest..also my first doll in 2 years!! I think it ok considering that lol. Love the hair. Hate the rest .Base edited by me

Old dolls

uhm..I dont remember what this was about either..I found it in some old files. It pretty nifty, but not really my style...baseless

some random pink spacey girl...no idea... Based of this picture on pinkies base

uhmm...I cant remember what this was about hmmmm Base by apitchou

Like my other doll down there with the green top, this was done for shading practice... i quite like her although shes very simple base by jishin

Some random doodle I whipped up one night. base by stardom-velocity

These three were made for a hair contest at sas and the city :) You had to send in three dolls! base by stardom-velocity

Made for a mother earth contest at stardom-velocity. Took me forever. I love the clouds.

A doll to get back into dolling after a loooong halfa year break...mainly to practice hair and folds. It is very rubbish really...I do like the top but the rest is just terrible! Base by pinkies

This is the oldest doll I am willing to put up here...only because I like the pale blue bit. Dont look at the rest. Base by laurelin

Even though I started this first, it isnt my oldest doll. I have been working on this on and off for a long, long time and I still like it. And I still cant give her legs and feet...