Welcome to my webpage! Please read the rules and feel free to contact me : ) Enjoy!!


2/8/07- a few new dolls and I also updated my links page again :) Also, I won an award! yayness!!!

17/7/07- Three new dolls which combined are a contest entry. I also updated my links page :)

12/7/07- A few dolls, contest entries mostly. And a few more pixels :) I have also changed to font colour as people were saying it was hard to read, so hope its better now :)

25/6/07-a few new dolls...well two really in assorted different versions (does that make sense lol) one for a contest, and one for a request on EE

22/6/07- The first update on my revamped site!! Ive basically kept it how it used to be but redid some of the banner and reorganised some stuff... yeah. Anyways, here is my first new doll, done as a gift for Blue for all shes done for me and hosting this site : ) It took me ages because I kept redoing everything heh