Pixel art! My current obsession! Ok, here it is (arranged oldest to newest):


!non-adoptable! A gift for someone on ee :)

I really like this...all dithered and stuff. Its inspired by the where in the world is carmen sandiego game

a cute flying cat thing

Another lil doodle. the inspiration behind this layout...I didnt use the same hill *shifty eyes* no, of coure not!

A random ditherey thing...

iwas doodling on ms pain, and this nifty silhouette popped up! I really enjoyed making it. Maybe Ill do more :)

not much to say about this...

I just got home from watching the incredibles :) I loved it!

My oldest scungy old piece of pixel art. I like it somewhat still, but I cansee lots of areas that need...well, a lot of work